How to survive a long distance relationship

Don't worry. Being in a long distance relationship can be tough, but so are we, right?

I've been in a long distance relationship for more than a year but we've known each other a bit longer than that. So I would say that counts, too ;)
Thankfully our long distance relationship is coming to an end. No, no...not what you may think. 
We've been going through a very long, filled with paperwork and super exhausting visa process. We started the process in January 2014 and I have my Interview at the US Embassy in Frankfurt on the January 19th. Finally! 

And he is coming to visit me and meet my family. So this is exciting, too. I am beyond happy that we made it this far and I can't wait to finally be an everyday couple (which we already are, but you know, without the distance and time difference).

Being in a long distance relationship taught me one thing

I am stronger than I think. 

And I can live alone. But it is though and definitely not as fun.

I want to share with you some tips that helped me surviving the distance. 

Being in a LDR can be hard. Especially if you miss your SO. But with a little bit effort they can be just as normal as every other relationship, too.  You are asking what you can do to improve your long distance relationship?

The number one rule would be to communicate.  Communicating is very important for a healthy relationship, even more for a couples in a long distance relationship. But sometimes it can be really hard to communicate, let it be the time difference (I am 6 hours ahead of his time, not that bad compared to others) or your SO has a tight schedule, long working name it.

The easiest way is to set up a schedule. Find a day you both have time and can fully focus on each other. This can be challenging. Usually the best days are on the weekend when you both do not have to work.

We are lucky we live in a time were it is not impossible to stay in contact 24/7 (skype, LDR-apps, e-mails, sms, whatsapp etc.) Use what you think works best for you. Personally we have never used those LDR-apps, though I have to say they look fun and interesting. I wanted to try couple - relationship app but ended up not using it.

Another very important rule is to be understanding. There will definetely be times when you will just not be able to talk or text. It's hard but it's okay. I've had a lot of times when I caught myself staring at my laptop, hoping Greg and me would be able to talk. And it is absolutely okay to cry. I've done that multiple times, too. But you have to live your life. Crying helps (a lot) just don't let it comsume you.

Yes. Live your life. You may be in a long distance relationship and do not get to spend as much time with your SO as you want, but you still have responsibilities, friends and family. 
Go out with your friends, find a hobby (thanks baby!) and do thing for yourself. Why not go to a Spa or invite your friends over for a Spa at home day? Do it! You're not going to get the lost hours and days back you spent crying at home. Make the most out of your current situation. Always remember. Being in a long distance relationship is only temporary.

Believe in your relationship. If you have constant thoughts that being in a long distance relationship sucks, then it does. You made a decision and it was to make it work. If you think it won't work, then it won't. Push your negative thoughts in the dustiest corner of your head and start thinking positive. Only a positive mind can overcome any obstacle. Plus, you wouldn't want your SO to have second thoughts, would you? If you truly love someone, distance shouldn't be an issue at all. Also, have faith and trust in your SO (get to know each other).

Look forward to the next time you see each other. Talking about it and actually making plans increases the excitement and you have something to do (together). If you are just as crazy about Pinterest as I am, why not create a board with your SO? Pin all the things you like, want to see etc. Make a couple bucket list for when you finally move in together. It's fun and you get to know your SO better, the things he/she likes etc. 

You see, it's not that hard to be in a long distance relationship. I made it and you can, too.

There are also a lot of LDR-Communites such as loving from a distance you should check out. A great community with lots of activity ideas, a forum and a lot more. 
If you like reading books, go on amazon.  There are a couple of books about long distance relationships.

Distance is not for the fearful! 

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