Getting ready for the Interview in Frankfurt

That is exactly how my planner looks like :D

Appointments here, appointments there. I feel like after the short break of all the stress I had it's starting all over again. But maybe it's all just in my mind and it's not as bad as I think.

With the interview in Frankfurt coming closer and closer I am asking myself, how can I prepare myself without driving myself nuts?....The simple answer is: no matter how well prepared I think I am, I will definitely be nervous. I mean, we've been waiting for this day for a year now and of course it is very important for us.

Today I finally sent the package with all the original documents the Embassy requested. They should get it tomorrow or within the next 3 days. I had to keep my passport though because I need it for the medical examination (also in Frankfurt).

I've been reading a lot about the Embassy in Frankfurt and the reviews from all the other Visa applicants. It does help but every situation is different, right?

Thank god Frankfurt is not that far away from where I live now. But how do I even get there? Actually I wanted to take the train but it was way too expensive (return ticket about 70 € x2...140 €???? no way---->yes, I am frugal ) ). So I googled and googled and found a bus ticket for 19 € (return ticket) and another ticket for 10 € (return ticket) for the day when I have my interview...even though I have to take the bus at 3:30 am!!! But hey...I saved a lot of money. If you live in Germany try They have great deals and if you don't mind getting up early it is absolutely worth it.

What do I need for the interview in Frankfurt? I have a binder with proof of our relationship, including sreenshots of our skype calls and facebook messages and pictures of us. I even took screenshots of our engagement video :D

I also need my passport, 2 pictures (5x5 inch), an additional police certificate, the interview letter I got from the NVC.

I really don't know what I should expect. Is it a rather (very) formal interview, is it rather quick and painless...I think worst part is that I am overthinking. I mean literally...everything. Worst case scenario...I don't get the Visa and we have to start all over again. But theree's noo reason for that to happen...

15 days until the interview.

Oh and of course I am not allowed to bring my phone or any other electronic devices with me.
They have very strict rules which I understand.

Today I am going to put every document in order (again). Make a list of things I need and other important stuff. Better be safe than sorry.

We'll see how the next few days will go...

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