International flights for under $200 ?

I guess I am not the only person trying to find cheap plane tickets. When it comes to international flights, you usually have to spend a lot of money for a return ticket. Even more expensive if you want to book a one way ticket only.

If can answer some of these answers with yes, you can consider yourself lucky:

  • do you like traveling?
  • do you live in the US?
  • is your destination Europe? (works the other way around, too btw)
  • do you want to save money?

Do you know what Wow Air is? No? Let me tell you. It's a low cost Icelandic carrier with the cheapest prices I have ever seen for a transatlantic flight.

They offer various flight from the East - and now since last Tuesday also from the West Coast starting at $99 (West Coast $199). That is crazy! All flights from Wow Air connect through Reykjavik/Iceland. 

It couldn't get any cheaper!

Wow Air will begin 5 weekly flights to Reykjavik from San Francisco on June 9, and 4 weekly flights from Los Angeles on June 15. From there, Wow serves 21 European destinations including London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Only negative aspect: you have to pay for any extras (meals, luggage). But if you can live without eating for 9 hours+ you'll be fine. 

Here is the link to their website, go and check it out! 

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