Medical examination Frankfurt am Main

The US Embassy usually requires a medical examination before the interview. If you don't have the medical examination done, you won't get your visa.

I finally got my medical exam done.  There are 6 panel physicians in Germany you can go to.

I went to the one in Frankfurt because it's the closest.
You do not need an appointment for the physicians in Frankfurt!

Dr. Johannes Abel
Dr. Harald Schulte
Dr. Antje Seegebarth
Ulmenstra├če 43
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069-97204316

They are open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-11:00).

I set my alarm for 1:30 am, took a shower, ate, checked my documents (passport, vaccination records, P4 letter). My stepfather then drove me to the bus station. The bus left 3:30 am and I was already exhausted and tired. I tried to sleep but I woke up several times.

At 6:30 I arrived in Frankfurt and to my surprise, it reminded me of a smaller version of Berlin (I miss Berlin a lot). 

Still tired and a little bit nervous I tried to find the subway. I had to walk about 5 mins from the bus station to the subway (right under Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station).  
The doctor's office isn't that far away. It took me about 20 minutes to get there from the main station.

To my surprise, there was only one other person with me in the waiting room.

And they are all very friendly there. When I arrived I had to fill out paperwork (the usual stuff you have to fill out when you go to the doctor). She wanted to see my passport, asked for 4 photographs (5x5 inch), and 200 € in cash. 

When she put all my information in their system, I got my passport back and a CD and I was told to go downstairs and wait. 
I waited another 5 minutes and the nurse called my name. She took blood and then gave me a plastic mug and asked me to pee in it (the bathroom is next to the waiting room)

Did that and then I had to wait for the x-ray part. I had to take my shirt and bra off. After that I had to go back to the 2nd floor and wait for my physical. 

After ten minutes the doctor called my name. First he checked my eyesight, I had to read the smallest line on the chart. The doctor also asked me if I had any diseases. Yes. I have a underactive Thyroid and Hashimoto's Disease (January is Thyroid awareness months!)

He then asked my to take all of my clothes off except my bra, socks and panties. He checked my blood pressure, height and weight, ears, mouth and temperature. Then I was asked to lay down on the bed and he checked my feet, stomach, legs, arms and chest. 

After I put my clothes back on he gave me all of my documents including the CD with my x-rays and said that I have to keep them with the documents from the Embassy just in case the immigration officer wants to see it.

It wasn't a bad experience at all. And very quick. I got out 9:30. I advice all of you to go there as early as possible because when I left, the waiting room was full!

My bus back to Kassel left 12:30 so I had time to "explore" Frankfurt.

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