21 German words you should include in your vocabulary now

Every language has an incredible amount of expressions and idioms. But there's not always the perfect word for a specific situation. So what most people do is adapt words from another language to either make it sound more exotic or because it sounds better ;)

Speaking another language or two is a great way to communicate with millions of people in the world. Not only do you get to know other cultures better but you also have it easier in your job. Maybe your family is multilingual? But most importantly you do something for yourself.

I for myself can say that I am proud that I can speak 2 languages fluently (German and English).

When I was in school I took French and Spanish classes for two years but if you would ask me to write or say something I would probably fail. lol.

But I definitely want to change that. My future goal is to speak at least 4 languages fluently.

Now to the actual part of this post.

This is especially helpful for people who either speak German or want to learn it (cause you have to start somewhere, right?)

Now just follow this link and you will find 21 German words you definitely need to expand your vocabulary.

21 German words we need in English

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