My first month in the USA Part 1

I am going to split this article into two seperate posts since there is so much I have to tell you.

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I moved to the U.S.
My POE (port of entry) was in Atlanta. We had a 2 hour layover and I was worried we wouldn't get to our connecting flight because we still had to go through customs and immigrations.

It took us about 20 minutes to go though immigrations. The officer requested our paperwork and my passport, typed something in his computer, stamped my passport and we were good to go. So there is really nothing to worry about (yes, it was quite intimidating at first because I knew that the officers still could send me back if they didn't want to let me in the country).

It definitely feels good knowing that I don't have to fly back to Germany any time soon.

The first days were a little difficult due to the time difference. I woke up several times and had trouble going back to sleep. Luckily I don't have these problems anymore.

The next day we had to go grocery shopping...our fridge was EMPTY. We spent about 2 hours in
Wal Mart to get everything we need and ended up spending more than $ 200. At least we bought a lot of things we can use more than just a couple of times. And to be totally honest with you, I got a really bad headache when we were done grocery shopping. It was too overwhelming since everything looks so different and is bigger.

Another thing that is different is that people pack your bags at the grocery store. I have never seen this in Germany before. And you actually have to drive a couple of miles to get to the nearest store.
The most exciting thing I found out was that there is a grocery store close to where I live that is pretty common in Germany, too.

I also met some of my husband's coworkers (yes, we are married :) ). I had a really good time and it was good to socialize with other people, too. And we played beer pong. That was fun. Me and my husband did really good but we lost. Next time, though ;)

One thing I really, really need is my drivers license. Here in the USA it is so important to have a DL. You can't go anywhere without it. But once I have my SSN (social security number), we'll go to the DMV so I can apply for my DL. Until then I have to study the rules etc.

Part 2 of this post is going to be about american breakfast, paperwork, our backyard make over and what my future plans aka. new job look like...

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