My first month in the USA Part 2


I can't tell you how much I miss real bread. Here in america bread is just as soft as disappointing. I miss the variety of bread like in Germany. Germans love their bread. And Brötchen (rolls) ! So when I discovered that where I live is a "german" grocery store (Aldi - you can find them everywhere in Germany) I had to check it out. So we went there yesterday and of course they did not have the same products I know. But I found something that made my day...I found ciabatta rolls. Bought them and I love them. This is probably the only product here in America that is similar to the rolls I know.

But I also have to say that I really like the american breakfast as well. Nothing wrong with that. Especially the pancakes. But seriously, who doesn't love pancakes!? What I like about the american breakfast is, that you can actually eat sausages for breakfast. Not very common in Germany unless you've been up all night and find a place where you can buy Currywurst (Curry sausage)

And another plus here in america is, that you can eat breakfast whenever you want. A lot of places offer a 24/7 breakfast menu. I haven't seen that in Germany. Bakeries in Germany offer breakfast until noon. I wish they would change that.

My plans are to make my own bread and Brötchen. It saves us money and you know what's in it. So it's a win-win for us.

Garden project.

If you have dogs and a backyard you probably know the struggle. The gras is either yellow or basically not existent. We belong to categorie 2.

When I look out of the window, all I see is...nothing. So we decided to give the backyard a make over and make it look beautiful again. What we want to do is seed grass and build a path and an extra place for a grill (maybe a fire pit) and of course an area for my own little garden. We went to home depot today and bought everything we need except the stones for the path.
I really can't wait for summer time so we can hang out in our backyard and enjoy the weather.

My future plans.

Well, I definitely want to work with kids again. I miss it so much. You watch them grow up and every little new things they learn makes you proud. You are a small but very important part of their life.

I hope that I will find a job soon because I don't like being dependant. I don't like asking for money or things I want/need. It just doesn't feel right.

It all depends on my social security number.

Another future goal of mine is to study. I'd really like to study psychology. But it will take a lot of time and money to get my bachelor and master. Studying in america is super expensive. I don't understand why young people have to go into debt just because they want a future. Not fair. But, it is what it is and if you find a well paid job it shouldn't be a problem as long as you are a responsible person :)

I wanted to post some pictures too but unfortunately my phone doesn't want to connect to my laptop...

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