I passed my road test!

After almost 5 months in America, I finally got my drivers license!

I wanted to get my drivers license before I moved here, but unfortunately I failed my road test in Germany, which, is a lot more expensive than here in America. A drivers license in Germany costs around 1100 € - 2000 € and up. It all depends on how fast you can learn and your driving skills in general. You also have to go to a driving school, no matter how old you are (you can get your german drivers license with 16 but with certain restrictions).

So, before I could even think about driving here we had to go to the DMV. If you want to learn how to drive, you need a Learner's Permit. So you go to your nearest DMV, pay a small fee and then you take the written exam (obviously you should get the drivers manual before you take the written test and study, study, study). They will also take a picture and test your vision (which is pretty easy).

After you passed the vision screening and the written test, you get a temporary Learner's Permit and you should get your Learner's Permit (plastic card) within 10 days.

I had to wait 60 days until I could take the actual road test. But I needed this time to get used to the american streets.

I was very nervous before I took the road test. I didn't know that it was going to be sooooo easy. I mean, I knew that it was easier than in Germany (road tests are 45 minutes in Germany, sometimes up to 60 minutes).

First, I had to fill out some paperwork and then wait for the DMV representative. These were the most nerve-wrecking minutes of my life.

I had a pretty nice lady. First, she asked me to show me roll down my window, then I had to show her some of the cars lights, blinkers, wipers, the emergency blinker etc.

The time we spent on the road was ridiculously short: 5 minutes (remember...the road test in Germany is min. 45 minutes long?)

So I had to turn left a couple of times, then right and park.

I am so happy that I finally have more freedom and don't have to wait for my husband to come home.

It is a necessity to have a drivers license here in America, especially if you don't live in a bigger city, let alone a major city like New York City.

 When did you get your drivers license and what was your experience?

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